Combustion engine

Jan Černý

posted on 28 Jul 2002
The heat up machine
Ready for a ride
You know what I mean
Don’t waste my time

Direct injection
Lubed cylinder
Without protection
Wide perimeter

The horse power
stroking by force
Right now or never
without remorse

It’s steamy hot
as pressure builds
Hitting right spot
as warm oil spills

Intake, Compress
Combust, Exhaust

Intake, Compress
Combust, Exhaust

Your body shakes
I’m hard as a steal
We’ve cut the breaks
You knew the deal

The engine roars
and pistons pump
you asking for more
let exhaust crump

How does it feel?
when the explosion
inside of machine
puts you in motion

Gas without lead
and gears collide
So go ahead
enjoy the ride

Intake, Compress
Combust, Exhaust

Intake, Compress
Combust, Exhaust

In, Out
In, Out

In, Out
In, Out

Fuck, Fuck
Fuck, Fuck

Fuck! Fuck!
Fuck! Fuck!
Published under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0

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