Jan Černý

posted on 22 Jun 2000
The greatest mirracle of life
The most rare gift from my wife
My beautiful first born daughter
She is now everything what matters

One humble life was valorized
My own happines is initialised
I will guard you for end of time
Please forever will be mine

I wish your mother could see you
Her most secret dream came true
She paid for it the agreatest price
And loves you from god’s paradice

Now you are all what I have got
Only thing keeping gibbet knot
But you gave me new meaning
For both of us new begining


It is much harder than it seems
Because I am head of strict regimes
They are waiting for my new born son
It feels like staring to the sun

I will be repudiated very soon
Fighting it is like hiding moon
It gives me cold feeling on my skin
Because you did not do any sin

This absurd age is not your fault
But you still have hope to hold
Our future is dark and unclear
Full of danger and cruel fear

Your mother is praing for us
I can see it in your eyes
Your destiny was mean to you //hmm
Starting hard time to go throw //Meh…

Published under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0